Joshua Tree

Early Days to Lovetown

Date Location Name of Bootleg CDs Cover Sound
26.02.1980 Dublin, National Stadium Faraway, So Close... 1 no only the Dublin tracks
15.02.1981 Hamburg, Onkel Poīs Back Through the Mirror 1 front/back A- SDB
04.11.1981 Berlin, Metropol Boygroup 1 yes A- Broadcast
11.02.1982 New Orleans, SS President Riverboat Riverboat President 1 front/back A+ Aud.
24.03.1983 Glasgow, Tiffany's Party At Tiffany 1 yes A- BDC
30.05.1983 Devore, Glen Helen Regional Park Take Me Down Babe 1 no A+ Broadcast
31.08.1984 Wellington, Show Building U2 Treats U 2 no B Aud.
23.10.1984 Nantes, St. Herblain The Spark That Set The Flame 2 front/back A SDB
23.10.1984 Nantes, St. Herblain Sharks in the High Chair 1 front/back A+ Aud.
05.11.1984 Edinburgh, Playhouse N/A 2 no ?
06.02.1985 Bologna, Teatro Tenda The Unforgettable Night 2 front/back A Aud.
26.05.1985 Stuttgart, Neckarstadion Good and Bad 1 front/back C Aud.
13.07.1985 + div. London, Wembley Stadium + div. Rain On You 1 no A+ SDB
14.04.1987 San Diego, Sports Arena Dazzeled by the Light 2 yes ?
29.04.1987 Chicago, Rosemont Horizon Rockīs Hottest Ticket 2 yes A+ Aud.
29.04.1987 Chicago, Rosemont Horizon Pride 1 yes A- Aud.
15.06.1987 Paris, Le Zenith Sweet Zenith 2 no B+ Aud.
23.09.1987 New Haven, CT. Coliseum Joshua Tree New Haven 2 no A+ Aud. from SHN
09.10.1987 Syracuse, Carrier Dome Joshua Tree Syracuse 2 no A SDB from SHN
13.11.1987 + div. San Francisco, Paris, London Stop The Traffic: RockīnīRoll 1 no A Aud.- A SDB
13.11.1987 San Francisco, Justin Herman Plaza Save the Yuppies Free Concert 1 no A- Aud.
01.12.1989 Osaka, Castle Hall Freedom of the Spirit 2 front/back A Aud.
26.12.1989 Dublin, Point Depot X-Mas at the Point Depot 2 front/back A SDB
27.12.1989 Dublin, Point Depot December XXVII 2 front/back A+ SDB
30.12.1989 Dublin, Point Depot At The 11th Hour 2 no A- SDB
31.12.1989 Dublin, Point Depot The New Years Concert 2 front/back A Broadcast
05.01.1990 Rotterdam, Sports Palais Ahoy Hands of the Devil 2 front/back A Aud.
10.01.1990 Rotterdam, Sports Palais Ahoy All I Want Is U2 2 no A Aud.